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Botanical Skincare, Created with Compassion

People are at the centre of everything that Jan Sarre-Smith does. 

Janine Tait
Janesce NZ

Most skincare ranges are formulated by cosmetic chemists, many of whom have never worked directly with clients. Jan – the founder of Janesce Skincare – is a bright cookie. She is a bio-chemist and a naturopath who completed three years of medical school. 

But she is a skincare therapist, first and foremost. 

Jan has spent her life helping real people with real skin problems and designing skincare products to solve them. Love is the motivating force at the heart of it all.

Janesce skincare products are born out of relationship. They come from Jan’s care for individual people and their skin challenges. She has always been willing to listen to people and to hear their pain.  

Time and time again, compassion has driven Jan into the lab.


Jan’s care for a person stirs her creativity. It draws out her intuitive wisdom and activates her enquiring mind.  It energises her to partner with nature to create truly original skincare solutions.

Compassion leads to innovation.

Jan doesn’t create a product and then find a market for it.  That’s not her way. Her care for an individual leads to botanical skincare innovations, which then become a gift for the world. 

Jan Smith created each new Janesce product to respond to the needs of a specific person.

Some of the early product origin stories are legendary in Janesce and established her reputation in the community as a ‘miracle worker’ with skin. 

The Soothing Mist Origin Story

Healing Floyd’s Severe Eczema

Janesce Soothing Mist was formulated after a desperate mum carried her eczema-crippled son into Jan’s clinic. Floyd was 10 years old and every crease in his body was painfully cracked with severe eczema. After bathing him, Jan brushed his entire body with warm honey, wrapped him in plastic to seal in the healing hydration and sent him and his mother home with instructions on how to repeat the process. Jan then disappeared into her lab for the weekend. 

Watch this video to hear Jan talk about the inspiration that came to her and how that changed Floyd’s life.  Even though this story is many years old now, it reveals a lot about who Jan is and how she works. 

Soothing Enough for a Baby | Janesce Suncare Lotion

In the 1990’s, a mother sought help from Jan for her six month old baby girl who was suffering from eczema. After her experiences with Floyd, Jan was now confident in treating eczema. However, Jan was concerned that the sunblock the mother was using to protect her baby’s skin was actually irritating it. 

Once again, Jan went out to her lab and began formulating a botanical lotion that was sun protective and soothing to the skin. The baby’s skin responded amazingly well to the healing herbs and plant oils the lotion contained. In fact, the results were so positive, Jan realised she had an innovative new approach to sun protection in her hands – one that was going to be great for all ages and skin types.  That is how Janesce Suncare Lotion came to be part of the range.

Supporting My Skin | The Re-Energising Origin Story

As I approached my 50’s, I became aware of the impact that hormonal changes were having on my skin. I asked Jan Smith if she would create a botanical concentrate to support my skin during this chapter of my life. I specifically asked for a concentrate because they contain the highest levels of Janesce plant extracts of all the Janesce products. I wanted anti-ageing support with maximum power and potency!

Jan got to work in her laboratory for a few months and emerged with the beautiful Janesce Re-energising Complex concentrate. A sample arrived for me just in time for Christmas that year. Since then, Jan has developed the entire Janesce Re-Energising Range for women 45+, which contains double the plant actives of the general Janesce range. I’m delighted that my original request got Jan’s creative juices flowing and led to this potent range.

Pure, Powerful Plant Energy for the Skin

Janesce products are designed to deliver nature’s gifts to the skin. Thanks to Jan’s unique extraction methods, Janesce products contain up to 70% more plant actives than many other botanical ranges.   

Each Janesce product offers potent herbal medicine with a huge range of therapeutic benefits for skin.  Janesce skincare is head and shoulders above other botanical ranges in terms of the concentration of plant actives used in each product.

From the soil to the skin is not just a catch-phrase at Janesce, it is a living reality.